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Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Nothing gives a beautiful marble or granite countertop the perfect finishing touch quite like a creative and eye-catching ceramic tile backsplash. The professionals here at Rome Granite and Tile have an eye for complimentary designs and colors, making the kitchen backsplash of your dreams an attainable feat! Customers in Allentown, Bethlehem, Pocono, and Easton can all rely on the expert work of our designers and installers to implement a gorgeous and standout design.

If you have any level of interest in home design, you know that it’s the little things that make the most difference. A new light fixture here, a fresh coat of paint there, and the space looks transformed! Backsplashes are the “little change” of kitchens. Though most people don’t initially think of a ceramic tile backsplash, it is the element that can take a regular kitchen from average to extraordinary. Rome Granite and Tile specializes in finishing touches, and we want to help you add the last bit of pizzazz to your kitchen with our wide selection of ceramic tile.

Due to our overwhelming selection of ceramic tile, we often recommend that our customers go with their first feeling. If you liked a series of tiles at the beginning of your search, stick with that selection; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with your choice. Your backsplash simply serves as the ribbon to tie your kitchen design together, so don’t overthink it. As you can see, we’ve provided a handful of backsplash designs in this gallery to give you some ideas of what might fit your own home.At Rome Granite and Tile in Allentown, our mission is to ensure that our customers are given the best products at the most affordable cost, and our ceramic tile options are no different. Take some time to view our gallery, and see for yourself the difference that a backsplash can make.

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